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Anger Management

If you find yourself regularly losing your temper and it's causing problems, consider anger management. The team at CyFair Psychiatry in Houston, Texas, provides expert anger management counseling for people struggling to control feelings of frustration and rage. Call CyFair Psychiatry to find out more about anger management or book an appointment online today.

What is anger management? 

Anger management helps you learn to recognize when you're getting angry and to take steps to calm yourself. That enables you to deal with what's happening productively rather than losing your temper.

Anger is a normal emotion and perfectly healthy if you're able to express it appropriately. It's important to understand that the anger management training at CyFair Psychiatry doesn't try to stop you from feeling angry or make you hold your anger in.

Instead, anger management gives you the tools you need to stop your anger from getting out of control. With the team’s help, you can begin to recognize the frustrations that lead to angry outbursts and resolve them while staying calm and in control.

When should I consider anger management?

If you're frequently losing your temper and feel that you're constantly battling to keep your anger in check, anger management is clearly worth pursuing. However, there are other signs that you're not dealing with anger in a productive way, such as:

  • Constant negative thinking
  • Focusing on bad experiences
  • Feeling irritated and impatient all the time
  • Frequently arguing without resolving anything
  • Physical violence
  • Making threats
  • Deliberately damaging things
  • Driving recklessly

You might start avoiding certain situations because you're afraid of the anxiety or depression your anger outbursts cause. If these signs of anger problems sound familiar, contact CyFair Psychiatry for help without fear of judgment.

What does anger management involve?

Anger management counseling at CyFair Psychiatry helps you learn behavioral skills and find new ways of thinking that allow you to cope with your anger. The team uses several strategies to equip you with anger management skills, starting with identifying problems like poor quality sleep and chronic stress that make you more likely to lose your temper.

Your provider shows you how to identify triggers for your anger and respond without aggression. You gain a better understanding of how illogical thinking fuels your anger and learn how to consider things more logically. You also discover how to calm yourself if you feel your anger rising by adopting relaxation techniques or removing yourself from the situation.

It's important to express your feelings assertively but without aggression by using your energy to problem-solve and communicate effectively.

If you feel like your temper is becoming a problem, contact CyFair Psychiatry to find out about anger management counseling. Call the office or book an appointment online today.